Experts in Contact Centers

What we do.

We create industry leaders in customer experience. By introducing professionalism in your contact center we make it profitable. We achieve your full potential.


Omni Strategy

A long term, common sense strategy for your contact centre will determine your future potential. Omni Professionals will test and challenge your preconceptions and ensure that your customer experience strategy is aligned with your future goals.


Omni Transformation

Our proven program for transformation fixes any issues with your operating platform and creates substantial financial gain. The platform is the prerequisite for growth and implementation of contact center best practices – resulting in increasing quality. The final step is to realize your future potential, making you the leader within customer experience in your industry.


Omni Sourcing

We create a global contact center sourcing strategy, find the right partners, negotiate commercial terms and manage operations until you’re ready to take over.


Omni in 90 days

When you expand globally you want to do it fast and you want to do it well. You also want it to be profitable and aligned with your customer experience strategy. Omni Professionals’ ”turn key” contact centers, ensures an optimized setup that fulfills all of your current and future requirements. And we do it from scratch in 90 days…

Introducing the professional advantage.

How we do it.

Using our own, unique eco-system contact center analysis model, we create tailored transformation programs that yields results. We promise.

Where are you?

We've had clients on all continents and need for all major languages. We work where you are.

It’s not for everyone.

We work with organisations that have the will to become the industry leader in customer experience, using their contact center as a profitable tool to reach that goal.

Let’s discuss the future of your customer experience.


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